I would like to between technic and art, between research and craft. In the past few years I have lectured 22 courses and co-supervision 4 diplomas at TU-Wien, Kunstuniversität Linz and Universität Innsbruck. In 2016 I have obtained a doctorate with distinction in interactive robotic architecture supervised by Manfred Berthold. The thesis is about artificial intelligent, movable robotic modules, which can assemble into an adaptive spatial-installation. Keywords are swarm intelligence, artifical intelligence, self-assembly, robotic and human-robot interaction. My works have been shown at “Innovation by Art Process” in Montpellier, and discussed at international conferences such as the “advanced building skins” in Graz or the „Rese Arch Meetups“ in Bratislava and Prag.


believe there will be real movemnt in architecture

Christoph Müller, January 2018

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